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Athletic competition can be an excellent opportunity to test your capabilities, develop opportunities, and expand character. While vigor and passion are certainly prized in my sports, safety is equally important. This is why many schools and athletic associations require protective pads, training, and an understanding of basic first-aid. Most contact sports and rigorous activities will also suggest or require the use of a mouth guard.

A blow to the face, lips, or chin can certainly traumatize soft tissues. It can also cause significant damage to one or more teeth. At the same time, some athletes complain that the mouth guards available in stores are uncomfortable. Some models can even impede your breathing.

Rather than risk forgoing the use of a necessary mouth guard, you should schedule a consultation at Twin Falls Family Dentistry. Dr. Peter McPherson can assess the details of your mouth and suggest the best type of mouth guard to meet your needs. This may include fitting you for a custom mouth guard. This is a soft yet durable dental appliance that will conform to the unique shape of your mouth.

If you are in contact sports in the Greer, South Carolina, area and you are dissatisfied with the mouth guard options available on store shelves, you should call 864-663-5019 to set up a consultation appointment with the oral care specialists at Twin Falls Family Dentistry.