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Accidents happen sometimes, unfortunately. If an emergency situation does come up with regards to your oral health, a little education can go a long way to saving your smile. Let’s address some common oral emergencies and what to do for them.

Biting Lips, Tongue, or Gums: While biting your lips, tongue, or gums is often a minor accident, it can sometimes be a very serious problem. If you are bleeding, wash out your mouth gently with warm water (not hot or cold) and apply a sterile gauze pad and light pressure to the wound. If you continue to bleed steadily after a few minutes, go to the nearest medical center for assistance. You may need stitches or other medical care to close the wound.

Objects Between Your Teeth: Having something between your teeth is, at best, annoying; at worst it can be very painful. Do not try to remove the debris with a toothpick or other pointed object; it can damage your gum tissue and scrape up your tooth enamel. Instead, use dental floss or another approved interdental cleaner (such as a floss pick or water flosser) to gently remove the foreign object. If you cannot get the object out, call your dentist.

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